Psychiatric and Behavioral Health

Psychiatric and Behavioral Health services provide assessments, diagnosis, treatment and medications (based on need). These services are individual, group and family counseling (ages 3+). The counseling staff consults with prescribing psychiatric staff regarding medication monitoring and case management. Other consultations and coordinated services with other SNHS units/staffs may be done to provide optimal quality care.

Psychiatric and Behavioral Health Services include:

  • Individual, couple and family therapy
  • Assessments, diagnosis, treatment
  • Counseling for acute and chronic illness
  • Consultation with psychiatric staff in medication monitoring and case management.
  • Collaboration/case management with other disciplines.
  • Individualized treatment plans


Psychiatrist, Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner, Licensed Mental Health Counselors, and Licensed Social Workers and support staff.

Contact Information:

CHWC     (716) 532-5583 

LRJHC     (716) 945-5894