Behavioral Health Services

The Mission of Behavioral Health is: 

The Behavioral Health Unit of the Seneca Nation of Indians Health Systems will provide a comprehensive behavioral health delivery system to maintain emotional, spiritual and social well-being of eligible individuals and their families through contemporary addiction and mental health methodologies enhanced by Native American values and cultural practices.

Addiction/Substance Abuse Services

Addiction/Substance Abuse Services provides assessments, diagnosis, and treatment for all ages engaged in risky behaviors, drug/alcohol abuse/dependency. Services include individual, group/family counseling. Counseling staff collaborates with prescribing psychiatric staff and Medical Providers upon request in providing the best patient care. DUI/DWI, licensing issues requiring treatment are also provided. A special focus is on Cultural awareness enhanced by the body, mind and spirit connection.

Addiction/Substance Abuse Services include:

  • Assessment and diagnosis, treatment plans
  • Individual, couple, family and aftercare therapy
  • Consult for psychiatric assessment, medication monitoring and case management if necessary.
  • Collaboration/case management with other disciplines.
  • Referrals to in-patient programs and/or Half-way house programs.

Staffing: Credentialed Alcohol and Substance Abuse Counselors (CASAC and CASAC-T)

Psychiatric and Mental Health

Psychiatric and Mental Health services provide assessments, diagnosis, treatment and medications (based on need). These services are individual, group and family counseling (ages 3+). The counseling staff consults with prescribing psychiatric staff regarding medication monitoring and case management. Other consultations and coordinated services with other SNHD units/staffs may be done to provide optimal quality care.

Psychological/Psychiatric/Mental Health Services include:

  • Individual, couple and family therapy
  • Psychological assessments
  • Counseling for acute and chronic illness
  • ADHD Evaluation
  • Consultation with psychiatric staff in medication monitoring and case management.
  • Collaboration/case management with other disciplines.
  • Individualized treatment plans

Staffing: Psychologist, Psychiatrist, Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner, Licensed Mental Health Counselors, and Licensed Social Workers and support staff.

Prevention Education Teams

The Prevention/Outreach Teams (Chemical Dependency) focuses on children, adolescents and family education aimed at preventing future addictions; through individual and group educational sessions (schools/all grade levels, groups, communities and with employees) and prevention activities with our youth. The Teams can also be found in other Seneca Nation programs & Departments where our young adults and children can be found; working with them in prevention/intervention activities.

Prevention Education Teams Services include:

  • Educational sessions on Alcohol and drugs and the many factors involved.
  • Specific drug education
  • Family issues/involvement with substance abuse/dependency use.
  • Specialty subject education i.e. Domestic Violence, Elder abuse, Gambling. Smoking, Bullying and Cyber Bullying.
  • Continual development of prevention and intervention educational sessions and events

Staffing: Prevention Aftercare Specialists with CPP(Certified Prevention Professional) or equivalent