Our Optical Departments provide our patients with ophthalmology and optometry services that include a special diabetic protocol. For eligible patients, procedures not offered on site are made available through a referral system to Ophthalmology Professionals who will take care of our patients needs.

We offer a wide variety of eyeglass frames to choose from ranging from "free" and higher with copayment. Both sites carry basic lenses offered at no cost to the patient, as well as all of the popular "add on's" that people enjoy in the high tech world we live in. These "add on's", such as transitions, progressives, thin & light materials, polaroid filters, mirror coatings, anti reflective coatings, uv filters, and tinting are available with co-payment.

Our method of payment ranges from cash, debit cards, MasterCard and Visa. Payment is required before ordering can take place, with glasses arriving in the health center from 7-14 days.

We promote annual eye exams, so please give us a call and schedule your appointment today.