Environmental Health

The SNHS Environmental Health and Engineering Services division has offices at both the Lionel R. John Health Center and the Cattaraugus Indian Reservation Health Center. This unit focuses on upholding environmental standards on all Seneca Nation territories.

Environmental Health and Engineering Services (EHES) is made up of three major components: Environmental Public Health, Community Services and Health Engineering Services.


Environmental Public Health

We are focused on maintaining the health and welfare of the Seneca people in relation to their environment, both natural and man-made. Our goal is to prevent environmentally related diseases among the Seneca people through the development and implementation of a comprehensive environmental health program. The purpose of our program is the prevention of environmental health hazards and the promotion and protection of the public health and the environment in the following areas: food protection, institutional environmental health, recreational swimming areas and waters, vector control, drinking water quality, water sanitation, and emergency preparedness. We also provide health inspections of food vendors registered at special events and implement public awareness programs regarding environmental health topics.


Community Services

The EHES division works under the health centers and other community service providers to organize environmental assessments, community injury prevention, community screenings and prevention education programs that identify the needs of the community. We provide many services to the Seneca Nation community in relation to public health and safety. We assist in rabies control including responding to dog bites cases, infection control, housing, onsite septic systems, and indoor air quality. The unit performs community water testing, conducts radon testing, Lyme disease assessments, and mold assessments.


Health Engineering Services

Health Engineering addresses infrastructure needs within the Seneca Nation communities by planning, designing and constructing many types of projects to meet public health needs. The unit deals with projects involving drinking water, wastewater, health facilities, and other related infrastructure work.